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Customers Who Order Catch Basin Filters:

General Contractors
School Districts
Gas Stations
Retail Shopping Centers
Landscape Contractors
Public Transportation
Cement & Paving Companies
Water Districts
Beach, Parks & Recreation Dept
Public Venues, Stadiums
Shopping Centers
Strip Malls


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Chances are; you have been advised to install a "fossil filter" into your storm drain. The dated term "fossil filter" was coined and trademarked by the Kristar Enterprises. It is a brand name for a debris catch, sediment filter and filter media that should clean oil (fossil fuel) and toxins out of the storm drain water before it goes to the watershed or ocean.

The correct term is "catch basin" which is normally noted on your architectural specifications 
that include flow, size, design, drainage, depth & grade.

Water runoff conditions  vary by location and exposure. i.e. A gas station drain is very different than a school drain. Oil vs. Pesticides

Each drain requires different filter media depending on pollutants resident to the site and area.

Don't waste your time & money with pre-made over engineered "fossil filters" that cost a fortune and won't fit your inlet.

Call John Commercial Services for help and the straight scoop.


Catch Basin Filters are designed to direct and expose contaminated run off water to filtration media and secondarily to catch non-beneficial solid waste before it reaches our lakes, oceans, rivers and streams.

Choosing the correct filtration media is extremely important if contaminated water runoff is going to be treated.