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ClearTec™ Passive Skimmer


Cost Effective Compliance
Large capacity for Oil, Gas, Grease, TSS, and Phosphates
Universal Fit
No Leaching
Non-Clogging Filtration
Individual Drain Protection
Vault Protection
Easy to Deploy and Retrieve
Cost Effective Compliance
Sheen Remediation

RUBBERIZER® Filter Media
Solidification of liquid waste
2 gallons* of adsorption capacity
Water Repellent
Drain protection
Full buoyancy when saturated
Attachment clips
Tethering ability – Standard 4′ Tether
Free floating


ClearTec™ is the only manufacturer of Passive Skimmer technologies utilizing the award winning RUBBERIZER® Filter Media to filter oil, gas, grease, total suspended solids (TSS), and phosphates. ClearTec™ technologies are the global leader in stormwater compliance and filtration systems which is why 9 out of 10 storm drain systems OEM our filters. The RUBBERIZER® Filtration Media is the only Fully Sorbent Solidifier™ to transform oil, gas, and grease into a rubber-like solid on contact and is easily disposed of as a non-hazardous material once fully sorbed. ​ The ClearTec™ Passive Skimmer is a universal fit technology that allows you to treat your compliance issues directly at the storm drain, basin, and vault.