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Curb Inlet Filter Insert Systems

Curb Inlet Storm Drains are very common in street designs. Basically the curb inlet helps not only to capture down stream water run off but also helps direct water into the sewer system or run off river or flood management systems throughout the nation. Curb inlets also are designed into the curb/sidewalk system in most cities. Curb Inlets are generally designed to carry heavy flows of water and therefore are systems that need constant cleaning attention and are heavy collection points for debris, motor oil, diesel oil, brake dust and the likes. As a result curb inlets should have or are required to have curb inlet filter boxes set into the exposed street entry. The curb inlet box are designed to collect trash and keep the hydrocarbon filters. Our curb inlet boxes are unique in they are designed with a back door to not replace the filters but also clean them out without removing them like others from the vault wall making maintenance less costly and time consuming.

What makes our Curb Inlet Filter Insert Systems unique is the back door lifts up so you can clean it out.

Storm drain services are available in the greater LA, San Bernardino, Orange, Inland Empire, Ventura and San Diego Counties

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