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OEM Sediment Basket 12″x12″



• OEM Replacement sediment bags offered are made in USA not China.
• Highest quality USA manufactured workmanship
• OEM Replacement made with Geo-Synthetic Filterweave® Mirafi® designed to last
• Water Through put in CFM is 2 times greater than OEM product used
• Augmented design provides cable rings for complete replacement and repair.
• Replacement bags using new cable supports do not need Geogrid support basket to hold sediment bag in place; saving money and repair time. Comes with plastic clips for extra support.
• Fits all Kristar™ models
• All sizes and types available; All bags have filter clip loops
• Sediment Bag does not rot or melt when exposed to oil, gas and petroleum derivatives.
• Cost of OEM Replacement Sediment Bags are less expensive than OEM manufacturer


Please note: Cable supports are not included.